What to Expect from a Digital Evidence Management Software


Digitization is an overwhelming errand, particularly when there are a lot of delicate records in question. A digitalevidencemanagementsoftware should make that transformation as simple and secure as could be expected under the circumstances. Yet, that is actually quite difficult. There’s a ton of subtlety to the computerized change of a proof administration framework.

Obviously, law enforcement organizations know precisely what they need or ought to anticipate from their digital evidence management software. Simultaneously, there are countless things that a fair digital evidence management software is equipped for that most law enforcement specialists don’t think about. By the day’s end, the objective is to build the versatility of the cops and guarantee that they invest more energy out in the field than at their workstations. Let’s discuss probably the most essential abilities you ought to anticipate from adigital evidence management software.


The current issue with digital evidence is that it lives in disparate systems, which obstructs analyses where information over various systems is required. That is the reason law enforcement organizations need digital evidence management software that coordinates with other police systems like record management systems (RMS) and computer-aided dispatch (CAD), to name a couple. This permits examiners to sort out information as indicated by cases and access all connected data from a solitary, incorporated system.

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) flawlessly interconnects with law enforcement’s current IT arrangements and considers smooth interoperability.

Adaptable Deployment

Taking into account that cops handle sensitiveevidencefiles, they need more secure and accessible stockpiling. Cloud storage seems like the conspicuous decision here, however law enforcement specialists can be paranoid about shared storage. Along these lines, any evidence management software deserving at least moderate respect should offer an adaptable sending model.

VIDIZMO offers deployment for DEMS in a business or government cloud, as a SaaS model, or on the client’s own private cloud. Additionally, DEMS is likewise sent in an on-premise server farm, if that is the thing that they like. Also, law enforcement organizations can decide to use DEMS in a hybrid model, where a few parts can be deployed on-premise with others on the cloud. For instance, they can decide to store the evidence records in local datacenters and the artificialintelligence capabilities on the cloud.

Device Agnosticism

Seemingly the main piece of andigital evidence management software is to enable portability for the officers and allow them to invest energy out on the field as opposed to at their workstations, logging and overseeing evidence. Therefore, it’s fundamental that the software be accessible on any device and on any network, so that officials can capture and transfer evidence from their cell phones or workstations.

VIDIZMO DEMS is a web-based solution, based on HTML5 and utilizesadaptive bitrate streaming to permit access and playback over any device on any network.

Source Agnostic Digital Evidence Collection

A large portion of digital evidence, as of now, comes from the proliferation of body-worn cameras and in-car cameras that cops are outfitted with. Accordingly, it’s a given that a digital evidence management software that can’t ingest and store evidence from these sources totally invalidates the point of having it. A respectable evidence management system should store and playback all video record types.

VIDIZMO incorporates with all digital evidencecollectionsystems to ingest a wide range of evidence, including surveillance video, interrogation room footage and recorded phone calls.

Simple Evidence Sharing

As of now, cops share digital evidence with prosecutors and the DA office by copying the files on to local drives, like DVDs or thumb drives, and delivering them by hand. This is unnecessarily tedious and difficult, and it nebulizes the chain of authority and any tampering with evidence can go unnoticed. A respectable evidence management software will allow the officials to share the evidencewith the pertinent staff over the web surprisingly fast, without bargaining the uprightness and security of the evidence files.

VIDIZMO DEMS offers an entire scope of sharing options, that allows officers and specialists to share the evidence files over the email or by sharing a link. They can lock the records with a password, restrict access to just the important individual, even limit the file to a specific timeframe or number of views, after which the file will be unavailable.

Citizen Portal for Crowdsourcing Evidence

Citizenportal for crowdsourcing evidence is another part of evidence sharing. In the age where nearly everybody owns a smartphone, almost nothing can get away from the eye of a camera. Citizens capture pictures and videos of crimes happening directly before them, which can be used as proof, to recognize culprits. The most unmistakable instance of this is the Boston marathon bombing where individuals caught and presented a staggering volume of video recordings of the grievous occasion. The occasion is likewise an illustration of why a digital evidence management software ought to have a citizen portal as well, taking into account that the email address the police opened up for evidence submissionsooncrashed due to the sheer volume of evidence files being submitted.

VIDIZMO offers multitenancy for setting up a citizenportal to enable publicly submittedevidene entries in a solitary incorporated library. Officials can moderateincomingevidence and decide if it is even worth their time and energy.

Security and Compliance

Security and dependability of the digital evidence is of principal significance. Any type of digital evidence collection is deemed useless in the event that it isn’t admissible in thecourtroom. In this manner, the reliability of digital evidence should be ensured by guaranteeing the security of the system that it is managed in. The most key approach to do that is by logging the chain of custody of the evidence, as it would be logged for physical evidence. A skilled evidence management system ought to have a record of each time anevidenceis accessed,viewed and shared. Moreover, the system ought to keep a hierarchy of users in the activities they can perform and the content they can access.

VIDIZMO DEMS creates logs for chain of custody and audit trail, identifies evidence tampering, and it additionally comes standard with role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure that users are appointed permissions, protecting the evidence files from unauthorized access. VIDIZMO additionally offers compliance with significant data regulations, for example, CJIS, DoD, FedRAMP, and so on.

Help with Analyses

Certainly, the essential reason for andigital evidence management system is storing and facilitating digital evidence in a single archive. However, in the current market, law enforcement organizations can anticipate significantly more from the system. Any regular evidence management system can help with fundamental digital evidenceanalysis. A fair evidence management software endeavors to automate certain difficult tasks, for example, transcription and redaction. Aside from automating existing assignments, the system ought to produce further intelligent insights through facial, speech and objectrecognition.

Moreover, law enforcement organizations ought to expect their digital evidence systems to offer GIS mapping of evidence and help in breaking down topographical patterns, smoothing out the investigationprocess.

VIDIZMO DEMS offers artificial intelligence abilities that help with analysis of the evidence by revealing bits of knowledge that would require additional effort to find or go entirely unnoticed. The DEMS artificial intelligencerecognizes faces, voices, objects, as well as characters, for example, signs or license plates. DEMS additionally automates transcription and translation of the evidence and, with a some machine learning, even redaction of personally identifiableinformation (PII). Moreover, DEMS offers geospatial mapping of the evidence as well.

Proof Discoverability

All things considered, law enforcement organizations will have a centralized repository for all their digital evidence. Their next issue would be discovering the evidence they need at that time. In a respectable digital evidence management system, that shouldn’t be an issue. The system ought to assign labels and metadata to evidence files and arrange them in relevant case folders. Thus, officials should have the option to pull any evidence file up quickly.

VIDIZMO DEMS automatically creates tags and metadata for each digital evidence file upon ingestion. Besides, utilizing the previously mentioned artificial intelligence capabilities, DEMS permits search in the portal as well as inside the videos. Using the recognized faces, words, objects, as well as sentiments, users can jump to the relevant part of the video as opposed to enduring long stretches of video.

VIDIZMO was designed with the requirements of law enforcement organizations as a primary concern. The system is persistently advancing to stay ahead of the trends of the market and the pervasive innovation.

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