Violence Against Women (Pakistan)

Where there is violation, there is revolution. I am not unmindful of the brutalities the women have been facing since times immortal. There are various incidents which depict man’s suppression and unethical approach to demonstrate that he is the Supreme Being on this planet who may undertake any aggressive action against women.

It pains me that women around the world are the victims of man’s conception of being the masters of their destinies and worth. They are leading a miserable life under the heaven of their unjust demand to enslave women’s sentiments and sacred feelings.

Particularly, Lahore Call Girl in Pakistan where women are under the shadow of brutal pitch; there are rites which condemn the creation of a state where our forefathers aimed to supply a fund of peace and prosperity. What is it all about? Who is damaging the true spirit of Islam as conceived by our founders? VINNI, SATTI and maltreatment towards a 17 years old girl in Swat (Pakistan) are the evidences of man’s misunderstanding of being the supreme one.

We should keep in mind a bare truth that women are as important and prestigious members of society as men themselves are and they have the entire rights to live a life as portrayed by their eye and soul. Then why there is this indifferent treatment? There is probably no satisfactory reply because we are contaminated by the pride of being powerful so as to modify their lot. The unfortunate girl was public ally lashed and there was nobody to stop such violence that is blurting the real cause of Pakistan’s creation i.e. Islamic jurisprudence. I really feel myself absorbed in a society in pre-historic times where women were looked down upon as the source of giving birth to warriors and generals who led a life of aggression and undue injustice.

They were considered the machines to undertake various tasks at home to look after their kids and satisfy undue desires of their males. This is not what Islam preaches and what The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has directed to lead a well balanced and poised life on earth. No religion of the world appreciates undue suppression over women. I don’t see that we have achieved the core purpose of the existence of our free state because we don’t seem to be liberated from the domination of few over many.

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