A Clear Business Card Design I

When designing a business card, it’s essential that it’s clear, concise and right to the point.

Of the factors that make an effective business card, the least exciting one–clarity. However, it’s also the most fundamental of the factors.

To see why, imagine this case. An architecture firm designs a business card for their services, and does a good job of making cards available to ideal contacts. clear business card

One such contact–a wealthy person in search of a new home, for example–gets a copy of the business card. The card features a bold typeface, a beautifully photographed image of one of the architect’s more famous buildings, and a memorable slogan. Excellent, thinks the potential client: I’ll keep them in mind. The day comes when he’s ready to put down the money for the house. Remembering the card, he takes it out in order to contact the architect and ask some questions about pricing and schedules. And then he finds out that whoever designed the architect’s business card left off the website address and phone number.

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