10 Tips For Choosing the Right Board Game

1. Is it Art that you love?

If so, pay attention to those games that have been hand made from raw materials. The craftsmen who make these games make them with artistry in mind. The boards are made, and the pieces chosen because of their beauty.

Many chess pieces fit into this category, as does Cachito and the humble Tic-Tac-Toe.

These games last because they are made well.

2. Is it Family time that you are looking for?

Choose board games that allow the maximum number of players and where the rules are simple and easy to follow. Games such as Bunco, and The Great Goanna Hunt are ideal for families.

These games tend to form part of the traditions of families. They are also less likely to cause the kind of tears and arguments that Monopoly caused in my house growing up.

3. Is it Educational Fun you are after?

Many board games offer a fun way to learn basic life skills, geography, maths and develop an understanding of Society and Culture. Games such as Dakon (from Indonsesia) develop focus skills and mathematical abilities. The game pieces themselves also create links with other cultures.

Other games, Such as people of the Planet will teach you about other cultures and will introduce your kids to geography.

4. Do you want Strategy?

Many games are thousands of years old and were used in the development of military strategies. Among the most popular in the world today are Chinese Chess and Quoridor. Pg slot ทางเข้า

The strategies in these games is brilliant. The rules are so simple and so any young person can begin to play straight away. More play equals greater conceptual skills. These are games that make you think – and enjoy the process!

5. Do you enjoy Competition?

Some Games lend themselves brilliantly to around the table dinner parties and have a mixture of fun, fair play and competition. They are great when spending time with a diverse group.

These games are competitive, but not irritating. Win or lose, they are great fun to play.

6. Is it Nostalgia that you love?

For some, its not the type of game you play, its the story behind it. That was the case for our family. For us, touching an Oware board made by someone in a little jungle village in Ghana was just as exciting as playing the game.

Just to hold those little Bonduc seeds was almost as good as stepping into Africa. A game like as Tigers and Goats, hand made at the foot hills of the Himalaya’s in Nepal, is an example of a Game with a beautiful history. It connects you with people and places most of us have never seen.

7. Is it the Romance of the Game?

Many board games, because of their history and the story behind them are incredibly intimate. When you discover that Connect Four was played by Captain Cook or that Hounds and Jackals was played by Cleopatra, the game suddenly takes on a new dimension.

These games are usually two player games with a long and often notorious ancestry.

8. Are you simply looking to occupy the kids?

Well, that’s not a bad thing – depending on what you occupy them with. Some games are over in five minutes, but you enjoy playing them over and over again. Some games take all day.

Go (iGo) can easily take all day and is usually best for older kids. Pachisi (Ludo) or the simple Snakes and Ladders won’t take quite so long, but kids will happily march their pieces back to the starting line and play again.

9. Are you looking for an affordable, “take anywhere” Kind of Game?

We know that quality costs a little more. But so do fads. Don’t go in for fads. As most parents will tell you, that’s when the money is wasted.

Money is well spent when the game is used repeatedly and when the game lasts. The spending must be wise.

Many games can be played by anyone in the house. That makes the game not only more useful, but much better value. Read up on the game before you buy it. There are loads of excellent, “play any time with anyone” kind of games and represent good value for money.

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